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Monday to Thursday 8am-7pm;
Friday 8am - 5:30pm;
Saturday 8:30am - 1pm

Healthy feet absorb the many varied stresses of life. They are strong or flexible, shock-absorbing or rigid. These qualities are needed for the many activities that humans have undertaken for survival and leisure, since before modern shoes were invented.

When feet go wrong they can affect the rest of the body. Sport and Footworks try to take a long-term view of your feet and their effect on our health, showing you ways to help you to make your feet healthier. Their advice is based on an accumulation of personal experience and professional training.

They provide home visits for patients who prefer to be seen at home. The range of treatments includes nails, hard skin and corns. If you need special equipment it would be better to attend the clinic, if you can. A similar service can also be provided to nursing and residential homes, and day centres.


£45 - up to 30 min first appointment; £30 - 15 min follow-on appointment; £45 - 30 min follow-on appointment; £60 - 45 min follow-on appointment; £75 - 60 min follow-on appointment. Biomechanics: £64 - up to 45 min first appointment; £48 - up to 30 min follow-on appointment; £63 - 45 min follow-on appointment; £80 - 60 min follow-on appointment. Verruca: £45 - up to 30 min; £30 - up to 15 min follow-on appointments; £5/10 - Cryospray, optional. Thai Massage: £80 - 90 min Standard Routine; £90 - 90 min Customised Routine. Other fees may apply for other treatments

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A client said, "I was dreading this visit. I had pain in the pads of my feet. Turned out to be corns. Joanne was fantastic. Not only was it painless but i came out with feet that felt so good I didn't recognise them! Thoroughly recommended"

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No transport is provided. See availability at Ealing Community Transport

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