Ealing Community Allotments

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Friday mornings from 9.30am

Ealing Community Allotments offer an escape from city life, in an area of quiet countryside not far from your doorstep. In exchange for some regular light exercise, the allotment rewards you with wonderfully fresh and varied fruit and vegetables for much of the year.

The allotments offer an enjoyable form of exercise that encourages the use of all motor skills, helping mobility and flexibility in a relaxed environment, while enjoying the benefits of being close to nature, on top of growing some vegetables that you might even get to exchange with other plot neighbours.  For more information call Daniel.

You will also be able to watch different birds that visit the allotment from time to time.


A typical five-pole plot - around 125 sq. metres - costs less than £1 a week and is large enough to provide you with a good range of crops. There are also communtiy allotments that enable you to share a garden.

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No transport is provided. See availability at Ealing Community Transport

Good for

Outdoors exercise, growing your own food, gardening, some bird watching