1. Don't need to do anything but help washing up appreciated

    What do they do really well

    Overcome loneliness

    What could they improve?


  2. knit and natter

    Very informal and welcoming

    What do they do really well


    What could they improve?

    nothing really

  3. knit and natter

    Good for knitting/crochet or crafting - plus plenty of chatting

    What do they do really well

    Chat and overcome loneliness

    What could they improve?

    Nothing. It's fine!

  4. Not only knitting. All crafts welcome, sewing, crochet, etc. Lovely afternoon out

    What do they do really well

    very friendly

  5. Welcoming

    My mother went for the chair based exercise, she enjoyed it even though apparently the usual instructor was unable to attend.

    What do they do really well

    Very welcoming.

    What could they improve?

    Introduce new people to others.

  6. Welcoming

    I took my mother here for the first time yesterday just for the chair based exercise. She was hesitant about attending but was full of beans when I collected her! She really enjoyed the class and said the instructor was friendly, caring and easy to understand. The rest of the staff and attendees were also very welcoming and friendly- she's looking forward to next week!

    What do they do really well

    Friendliness, warm and welcoming with an exceptional fitness instructor.

    What could they improve?

    Nothing comes to mind.

  7. "Welcome swim" 4pm

    Staff were friendly at Reception when I arrived. Fortunately there was no cake left to greet me which would have been too much of a temptation and counterintuitive to my visit! I really enjoyed my swim after a busy day of teaching. It was lovely to see very organised coaching staff and lifeguards working well together. I enjoyed a relaxing session in the updated shower facilities afterwards. Thank you for this opportunity to enjoy Gurnell ☺️

    What do they do really well


    What could they improve?


  8. Free Swim and Cake for International Women’s Day at Gurnell Leisure Centre

    I enjoyed my swim (4.30pm) - staff on front desk knew nothing about it????? Had to show them on my phone. Cake was all gone and no info displayed to say that this was happening on 8/3/17 which was a shame as i am sure more people would have had a free swim.

    What could they improve?


  9. I find it very nice when you have family away. I feel cheerful as soon as I come through the door.

    What do they do really well

    Good company

    What could they improve?


  10. We all live on our own. Give it a try, mix with other people, you will feel better at the end.

    What do they do really well

    We celebrate birthdays and buy cake. There is a church is anyone is interested.

    What could they improve?


  11. If anyone is in their second childhood, like we are, come here. We are all friendly!

    What do they do really well

    Some weeks we do seated exercises, quizzes, story bingo If you stop coming, they will call you and come see you in hospital

    What could they improve?


  12. Coming here lifts my spirits. It's best to come here than sit at home. Here you can socialise and get a nice cup of tea.

    What do they do really well

    Sometimes we go on outings to the pub or to the theatre. Few months ago we went to see the Beauty and the Beast.

    What could they improve?

    I like it

  13. I come to the coffee morning to make friends and have a laugh. I take 3 buses to get here but I don't mind. I come every Monday. We're a nice little family. We are all elderly, we understand each other

    What do they do really well

    It's a good place to make friends and play games

    What could they improve?


  14. What I like about the pop in it's that is a landmark in my week because it's every week. It's predictable and stress free.

  15. Very good and friendly

    We like it a lot, you make lots of people and make friends. We go on trips and boat rides. We have been coming for quite a while, plenty of years. Someone told me about this place once and I came to see what was like and never left since. I told my friends to join too and here they are still. We come with Dial-a-ride when they don't cancel on us.

  16. People are very friendly. I have been coming for over 10 years. I pass my time, we go on trips, have parties, school invites us for Christmas. I always come to see my friends.

  17. I think it's specially lovely for people who live alone. I have been coming for many years.

  18. I like coming to class but I should probably do more at home. I like catching up with the people that come every week as well.

  19. Balance improvement

    Very good class. I also join another strength and balance class on Thursdays. My balance has improved and you get to see the same people every week.

  20. Good exercise we get to buy fish after the class

    The exercise is very good. I come with my husband. He was referred by the doctor and I decided to join in. We also look forward to buying fish after the class at a place near by. The people are nice too.

  21. I have been a member since 2010, I'm a bit different from most members but they are a very friendly bunch and I have been well accepted and have made many friends, I enjoy to talks and the coach trips to so many interesting places, I have tried to give something back to the Forum and have just built the Forum a website

  22. I prefer the talks at the Forum because they take place in the afternoon. There are other local groups that have talks but are too early for me.

  23. Many things to do and easy to make friends

    I have been a member since 1992. There are lots of things to do, like talks, walks but also scrabble groups and knitting groups. We are mostly ladies but we also have some brave men. Everyone will make friends easily.

  24. Good talks and shopping

    I like coming to the Forum talks depending on what is on. On my way there I take a walk through Walpole Park and afterwards I can do my shopping near Ealing Green Church

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  27. Simple but very effective.

    Fun and friendship

  28. Love the exercise, the lunch and the company. I only come once a week because the other days I'm busy with other things

  29. I like coming here twice a week for the food, the exercise and the people

  30. It's nice to come here and get together, better than being home on your own. I have been coming here for many years. It's very good for a natter with one another and a nice proper lunch.

  31. I'm one of the oldest members from the 80s. The society is 45 years now. We meet other people and friends come here and as a member of the society I always try to support this club. We do exercise and Zumba, and a meal and socialise. I always take a taxi to come. Doreen's cooking is wonderful. She looks after us very well.

  32. I’m an actress and I find it very helpful and useful to get my mussels back working again. When I was little I had to go to dancing because I couldn’t walk, so it comes around in circle.

  33. St Mary's provides holistic ministry

    Wednesday lunches are greatly appreciated and thanks to Gwayn and helpers for providing such appetising refreshments. I’m grateful to Chris for his enterprising exercise routine, which lubricates our cricking joints.

  34. It helps people to meet each other in a big city. The food is not the most important

  35. I can come down and the lunch is very good, I even come for Christmas. It's a very nice place to meet people, the atmosphere is love, so kind. I have been coming here for years, that says it all.

  36. They are always polite and accommodating, they don't turn no one away. It's a very nice place to come to. They always make you feel welcome and I have been coming for a few years now. Also the food is very nice, that's the main thing!

  37. Five star friendly.

  38. It is a great place for the Elderly because it enables you to come out and talk , gives you purpose and aim for your morning. If you have nobody to speak to it can get very lonely, sometimes you don't see anybody all day and it's lovely to come here and talk.

  39. It is a good place to meet people, exchange news and take part in the exercise classes and enjoy the delicious soups and sandwiches.

  40. Great Lunch

    The day I went, Thursday, we had fish and chips followed by Ice cream for Lunch. There were about 35 people there. Just before lunch we had an exercise class with Daniel, but only about 10 of the group took part, but that did not seem to matter.